My Details

How do I change my details?

To update your name or contact number, just click on the My Details tab and make any necessary changes. These changes will be instant.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can. Within the My Details tab, there are other tabs to choose from; email address and password – just select Change password and you can make this change should you wish.

I made changes, but these were not reflected in my next correspondence. Why?

These changes should be instant, however if a letter or email to you was already in process then it may not include your new information.

I have forgotten my password – how can I reset this?

In the case you have forgotten your password, just contact us via phone or email and we can send you an email that can help you reset this.

I am having trouble accessing the online account, can you help?

Yes, if you are not able to log in then we may be able to fix this for you. Send us an email and we will be in touch once this is resolved.

Billing and Payments

Where do I find my latest bill?

Easy. Just click on the Bills and Payments tab on the right-hand side and select Historical bills and payment. The most recent statement will show at the top.

My latest bill is not ready yet? How come?

This might be because you have not yet reached your billing date. Your previous statement will have a date next to it, so you can expect your next statement around the same date each month. If this date falls on a weekend, then you can expect this to be available by the next working day.

My bill looks wrong, what can I do?

If you suspect there is a mistake on your bill, then we can look into this for you. Just get in touch to let us know what you think is wrong and we will be happy to help.

I would like to make a payment; can I do this via the online account?

Yes, you can. However, this option will only be available if you have outstanding balance to pay, or do not have a direct debit set up. To do this, there will be a tab on the right-hand side called Make a Payment. Just have your card details ready.

My online account does not allow me to make a payment.

This means that you currently have a direct debit set up, or do not have any outstanding balance to pay.

I made a payment but my balance was not updated. Did it go through?

We can look into this for you. It could be that your payment was made after your statement was already being generated. In this case it is likely that the payment did go through, but just doesn’t show on your balance yet. After making the payment, you will be shown a transaction number – it is always worth taking a note of this.

Meter Readings

How do I submit meter readings?

Very simply click on Usage and Metering and select which fuel you would like to add a reading for. Once you are in you will be asked for the reading and the date.

Once I submit the readings, how quickly will they be reflected on my statement?

Good question – this is not immediate as your reading will need to be sent for validation first. All going well this will take 5-7 days before it is ready to go on your bill.

Where can I see a record of all my previous meter readings?

This is also available through the Usage and Metering tab, but this time select the top option which is your supply address. Once selected, it will take your through to a graph which shows your monthly usage, with separate tabs for gas and electricity. If you would like to see your readings in list form, please click the View Meter Readings button in the top right.

I submitted readings but they are not being reflected on my statement. What went wrong?

Sorry if that is the case, but there is an explanation. Your reading may have been rejected in the validation process. This is usually as the reading does not fit your consumption pattern. If this is the case, we may need a photo of the meter to get this validated. However, please check that you submitted the correct reading before doing this.

There is no option for me to submit my meter readings. What do I do?

Don’t panic – this may be because we are still waiting for some meter information from your previous supplier. This is usually ready on your start of supply date, however in some cases it is delayed, and we can chase for you. Our advice would be to note down your meter readings and check back in a week to see if your account is ready. If it is still not available, then get in touch. I submitted meter readings but estimated readings were used. That is frustrating, but it may be that your meter readings were rejected due to inconsistencies or an error. The best thing to do is give us a call and we can look into this for you.

Moving home

How do I advise you that I am moving out?

If you are leaving your property, then you can let us know through the Move and Connect tab. Select the Move Property option and it’ll take you through to a form where we will ask for your information.

How much notice should I give you?

You should only complete the form on the day you leave the property. However, if you wish to advise us by phone or email before then that would be appreciated.

When should I submit my final meter readings?

Again, only do this on or after your last day in the property. Try to do this within 5 days of leaving so that we can finalise your account correctly.

How long until I get my final bill?

Once you have given us your final meter readings, it may take up to 7 days for them to be validated and a further week to generate and deliver your final bill – so please allow 14 days.

Adding a connection

I want to sign up a new property with Solarplicity. Can I do this via the online account?

It is possible to do this through your online account – however at present we can only do this via a contact form where we will get in touch to complete this. So, the quickest way to do this at the moment would be to go click here and complete an online quote.

I have enquired about doing this online, how long until I expect a call?

If you completed the form on your online account, you should expect a call within 48 hours.

Can I add a property that I am not currently responsible for?

No, please only make this request for a property that you have already purchased or officially moved into the property.

If your query is not answered here, you may find it on our full FAQS on our website.